About Inspired Diva Boutique

Inspired Diva was founded April 26, 2010 by LaVerne Thomas-Taylor while she was serving as an officer in the United States Army. LaVerne needed an outlet for her creativity and Inspired Diva was born. She is a wife, mother, sister, Iraqi war veteran, a published author and savvy business woman. Inspired Diva started out as an all-natural spa products company and has expanded to now include all natural shea butter, custom bling products, clothing, shoes, handbags, and handcrafted jewelry. The name Inspired Diva was chosen because LaVerne wants to inspire other women to live their dreams no matter what and she also wants to bring a positive meaning to the word DIVA. She believes that there is a little DIVA inside of all of us and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. D.I.V.A. means Dazzling, Intriguing, Vivacious, and Alluring. A DIVA inspires admiration and wonder. To us Dazzling means to shine brilliantly; Intriguing means to arouse the curiosity and fascinate while being captivating; Vivacious means lively in temper, spirited and vibrant yet exuberant; Alluring means to be tempting, attractive, enticing, seductive yet charming. Above all things, a DIVA is a goddess; a very successful and well refined woman.

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The Inspired Diva Team!